360º Vision

360º vision is the result of our experience in consulting assignments addressed both to grants beneficiaries and to institutions responsible for the management and control of their projects: ministries, management authorities and intermediate bodies.

The 360º approach gives us the competitive advantage of minimizing the risks on financial corrections and guarantees for our customers an appropriate project implementation. 

Studies and strategies

Whether consultancy missions or stages of them, studies, analysis and strategies are the pillars of Relians services:

Socio-economic studies
  • Opportunity studies
  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Market studies and strategies
  • Legislative studies
  • Mobility studies
  • Socio-economic, financial, risk and sensitivity, cost-benefit analysis
  • Internal audit 
Technical studies
  • Energy audits
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies, according to GD 28/2008 provisions
  • Topographic and geo-technical surveys, technical expertise, environmental impact studies, energy audits, studies of solution
  • Technical documentation – technical design, drawings, tender dossiers
Urban planning and development strategies
Strategies and sectoral development plans
  • Tourism
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Economic
  • Health
Mobility plans
Sustainable energy action plans (SEAP)
Project management

Project management services cover all project phases, from project idea development to auditing the operational performance indicators. Our experience in consulting assignments on potential beneficiaries’ training, assessment, monitoring and control of projects already implemented or under implementation offers the advantage of a feasible and realistic development of complex projects.

Projects portfolio analysis and prioritization

The first phase of the consultancy services subsists in: investment needs analysis, setting projects portfolio and their prioritization based on the optimal and available funding sources, analysis of beneficiaries’ operational and financing capacity.

Grant availability may have, at this stage, a great impact on taking the decision of developing a project. Identifying the best funding option to generate minimal costs to the promoter is an advantage of Relians services. Access to grant can be achieved through:

  • Internal or external credits
  • Grants
  • Investment funds
  • ESCO
  • Private-public partnerships
Project idea development

The project feasibility is established since the initial stage, by conducting all preliminary studies and analyses necessary to set a project idea that meets our customers ‘needs as completely as possible.

Management Plan

Whatever the project complexity level, in the planning phase, Relians team takes into account all the elements necessary to ensure an appropriate implementation of the project.

The funding application includes the project implementation plan with all its appendices. The project is developed by using the results of all studies and analyses that were carried out: technical studies, cost-benefit analysis, audits, market analysis and marketing strategies, risk and sensitivity analysis,  management plans for: risks, communication, project activities, procurements, costs, time, human resources involved in the project.

The management plan may be adjusted, both during assessment through special assistance during the evaluation and contracting phases, and during project implementation, through assistance in the project implementation and monitoring.

Project execution and monitoring

The services provided by RELIANS include all important aspects of a successful project implementation. In this phase, one of the most difficult tasks is to coordinate and integrate all the project’s elements, even if the planning is very accurate. The milestones are identified and each project member knows its responsibilities.

Relians expertise covers all key issues in successful implementation of a project:

  • Institutional capacity building and specific trainings for project implementation unit team
  • Legal assistance in planning and carrying out the procurement procedures
  • Costs monitoring
  • Elaboration of  pre-payment, payment and reimbursement requests
  • Risk monitoring
  • Assistance in contract management (funding contract, goods, works or services contracts), including notifications and additional documents
  • Project indicators monitoring, achievement of progress and final reports
  • Project audit and evaluation
  • Procedural and legal monitoring
Advice and technical assistance

Due to the expertise of the own consultants, partners and co-workers, our company meets various needs of central and local government. Advisory and technical assistance services intended for local and central government involve a wide range of areas. 

Institutional capacity building

Relians provides services to develop central and local government institutions, to meet all the requirements of transparency, predictability, adaptability and efficiency, and they include:

  • Advice on improving working procedures
  • Financial consultancy
  • Assistance in change management
  • Advice on the opportunity of implementing new information technologies
  • Consultancy in strategic planning
  • Strategies and plans for human resource development
Studies and strategies
  • Sectoral studies, comparative politics studies, studies on operational program implementation, investment feasibility analysis
  • Consultancy services in developing and implementing information and/or communication strategies
  • Assistance in drafting and implementing development strategies 
Projects portfolio management

Given the funding programs complexity, the services on project management include:

  • Projects portfolio development
  • Development of information, communication or training programs, addressed to potential beneficiaries
  • Assessment and selection of projects proposed for funding
  • Support for institutions involved in the management of operational programs
  • Projects monitoring and control
  • Ex-ante and ex-post program assessment 
Training programs
  • Studies and analysis on training needs
  • Organizing and conducting training programs
  • Development of training strategies for companies
  • Organizing twinning programs
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