Sustainable development strategy and Guidelines

The sustainable development strategy of Roman municipality for 2007-2013 and the guidelines for 2014 – 2018 are the basis documents  needed for the local economic development and the improvement of the citizens’ life quality.

The main parts of the documentation are:

  • Economic and socio - cultural profile of Roman municipality;
  • The sustainable development strategy, containing:
    • Town overview;
    • SWOT analysis; 
    • Strategic directions;
    • Specific objectives, measures, projects;
    • Strategy achievement procedure;
    • Management plan for the strategy implementation;
    • Evaluation and monitoring of the strategy implementation.
  • Achievement of training programs regarding the strategy implementation for the staff within Roman City HALL (in partnership with Global Services Group);
  • Management of all documentation during the strategy development phase. 

The sustainable development strategy of Roman municipality for 2007-2013 and the guidelines for 2014-2018 were developed on the initiative of Roman City Hall and they generate various multisectoral projects prepared for the competition in accessing the structural funds.

The following activities were conducted during the strategy development:

  • Preparing documentation for data gathering and establishing Consultative Working Groups for each area of local interest (health and social protection, city and land planning, education and culture, environment, economy), establishing the Local Secretariat and the Local Steering Committee, which validates each stage of the strategy implementation plan as a recommendation;
  • Questioning the business owners in order to identify the development priorities and issues that business are facing;
  • Questioning the citizens on the social and economic development of the micro-climate, in order to implement the community vision on the social and economic perspective;
  • SWOT analysis, that was an useful tool in gathering relevant data for the current conditions; 
  • Developing the strategic development plan and determining the implementation framework with the involvement of the local structures. 
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