Suceava County

Modernizing urban transport by promoting ecological means of transport (electric scooters). Scooter-sharing system was implemented within 3 pilot cities (Genoa, Florence and Barcelona), where the use of scooters is very common.


  • Analysis of the baseline situation in Suceava: Report on current infrastructure Suceava, Ex-ante operative plan, Survey on transportation habits of citizens and tourists in Suceava;
  • Report on the transferability parameters of EleCTra model in Suceava: elaborating a model of urban mobility, identification of the target group and their urban mobility needs, identification of the best actions and solutions to implement the ELECTRA model;
  • Conclusion of agreements with stakeholders (demand, supply, advertisement) interested in the development of electromobility in Suceava: Suceava Municipality, Association for promoting Electric Vehicles in Romania, Zevtech Lda, Access Travel;
  • Feasibility study regarding the opportunity of transferring EleCTra model in Suceava: systematization of national and local particularities, calibrating actual pattern and its adjustment to national and local particularities, identifying local issues that could impede implementation of the Ele.C.Tra model;
  • Conducting advertising and networking activities at local, regional and national level:
    • Advertising activities: e-articles posted on www.electraproject.eu, newsletters, print and online press releases, brochures, posters, website, APP for smart phone, promotional spot;
    • Networking activities: two workshops with stakeholders in Suceava, participation in the event Electromobility Cluster Suceava, working group meetings of the project: "EVUE - Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe", Researchers' Night - Genoa , Urbact City Festival Riga - "WALKSHOP: Electric Vehicle the spark for a new future", EVUE Transnational Partner Meeting in Oslo, attending the press conferences for the project start and completion.


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